Monday, November 4, 2013


I know that there are many out there that know how Blogger works. So I ask for some help. I embedded a graph of a learning curve in the last post. I copied this from the R&A paper and put it in the post. I then checked to see if it stuck in previewing the post and it did. But I go there now and the insert is gone, replaced by a cute blue box with a '?' or nothing at all. So, can anyone walk me through how to insert a graph that I've copied from someplace else and insert it so that it can be viewed in the blog? Thx.


  1. Step 1) If you don't have the image already somewhere on your hard drive, save it first. Depending on what the source of the image is, you can either do so directly via some option in the right-click menu, or you have to take the detour of copy-pasting it into some image editing software, from which you can then save it as usual (MS Paint should do but will struggle with transparent gifs or pngs; gimp or are good free alternatives under Windows, and gimp is also available for OSX and Linux).
    Step 2) Once you have the image as a file, click on the Icon "Insert Image" right next to "Link" in Blogger's WYSIWYG editor, click on "Choose Files", and select the file. I don't remember if this inserts it right away, or only uploads it. If the latter, switch from "Upload" to "From this blog" in the left bar of the dialog window and select your image.