Thursday, September 18, 2014

Commenting on Posts

Many have written to tell me that they had problems leaving a comment on a post. I am not sure why but I suspect it's because you have not chosen an "identity." At the bottom of the comment sections there is a box that asks you to choose an identity for posting. I have a google account and post as 'Norbert.' There are other options if you click on the box. But you need one of these to do anything. When I go to my parents and use their computer, I often forget to check this and my comments disappear (I know, would be better were this to happen more frequently) never to be seen again. Here's a little primer on how to comment.

IMO, lots of that's valuable on this site has come from the very many useful comments readers have provided. They are often (almost always) more thoughtful than the posts that they are commenting on.  So please keep them coming.


  1. There also seems to be an issue with certain browsers. For instance, comments I submit in Firefox under Linux tend to disappear, whereas I have no such issues with luakit. Under Windows, Firefox works fine but Opera doesn't. I haven't really been able to find a pattern, all the browsers are configured very similarly with respect to cookies and other privacy settings, which are usually the main culprit for browser misbehavior.

    Anyways, rule of thumb: write your comment in some editor, copy-paste it into the comment field, if the comment disappears, try a different browser. After a few trial and error session you should be able to find a setup that works consistently for you.

    1. Adding to this: for me Chrome works fine but I was never able to comment from Safari.

  2. I always press copy on my comments before I post. That way I can paste it in if/when it disappears. I can't yet figure out when because it sometimes doesn't ask me to log in or anything at all and just eats my post. It works sometimes from Safari but not always. Maybe I'll try from another browser.

  3. Thanks Christina. I'm trying Chrome now.

    Thank you Norbert for the information.