Monday, January 5, 2015

Ok, so Lund is in Sweden; who knew?

Randy was kind enough to correct me. In the last post I said that the research on purkinje cells was done in Norway. Apparently, Lund is in Sweden (greater Norway?). So sorry to my Nordic friends. I stand corrected and correct myself here.

Second, David Hall sent me this link to a talk by Randy that covers, he tells me, much of the material covered in the article I linked to.  This may be more to your taste, you know, theater rather than literature. At any rate, here is the link if you are so interested.

Third, I reread the section of Randy's paper dealing with the Lund experiments and theory are really neat.  The stuff is intricate, but the telling is limpid so please immerse yourself in the gory details. They are both fun and interesting.

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