Tuesday, December 13, 2016

It's that time of year again

My daughter loved this time of year for its gift giving possibilities. Why choose Hanukkah over Xmas over Kwanza when you can celebrate all gift giving holidays. Ecumenism has its advantages, or so she would have had me believe (though not in these exact words). There is one other nice feature of this time of year: the opportunity to get together and celebrate and part of the festivities is often a skit. I recently got hold of a possible script for those who wish to cheer the season in with a distinctive GG accent. The dialogue is by John Collins (here) and after reading it, I cannot imagine a better way to ring in the seasonal joy. It hits all the high points and is even something that you can give (or better do with) friends and family that ask you to explain to them what you do. It is a tad rich on the conceptual underpinnings of the enterprise, but it provides a fine foundation for further talk about your latest paper that you can conduct over the dinner table. So, happy holidays and feel free to report how the performances went.


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  2. Thanks for the plug, Norbert, and the kind words. I wrote it for undergrad philosophers, who are often 'trained' to think that if we know anything about language, then we know it is public. Wittgenstein apparently proved it, someway or other.