Thursday, October 25, 2018

Sexual harassment in academia

Here is a link to a piece that discusses harassment in academia. The study discussed makes for pretty horrific reading. Here is a sample:

The Penn State survey indicates that 43.4% of undergraduates, 58.9% of graduate students, and 72.8% of medical students have experienced gender harassment, while 5.1% of undergraduates, 6.0% of graduate students, and 5.7% of medical students report having experienced unwanted sexual attention and sexual coercion. These are staggering results, both in terms of the absolute number of students who were affected and the negative effects that these  experiences had on their ability to fulfill their educational potential. The University of Texas study shows a similar pattern, but also permits us to see meaningful differences across fields of study. Engineering and medicine provide significantly more harmful environments for female students than non-STEM and science disciplines.

We have a group here at UMD looking at harassment within linguistics. I look forward to having them report on their findings here at FoL. I will certainly link to anything they do when it is done.

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