Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Dear Peter

CB assures me that Peter Ackema was NOT review editor when the review of Of Mind and Language mentioned in the previous post was solicited. As such you deserve my sincerest apologies. I can see how being falsely accused of such solicitation would border on defamation of intellect.  Sadly, you were review editor at the time of its publication. I hope (and would like to believe) that you were not part of the review process and that the unstoppable wheels of the JL juggernaut would have crushed you had you tried to intervene and delay publication until a modicum of content could have been added. But that is a lot to ask: schedules are schedules after all.  So, sorry for personally singling you out. I should have appreciated the long lag time between solicitation and publication would have had another captain at the helm. However, now that you are the editor may I suggest a little more quality control.

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  1. I was, indeed, not the review editor of JoL when the review under discussion was dealt with, so I think I should refrain from entering this discussion.