Sunday, January 26, 2014

A Review of Tecumseh Fitch's book

Those of you who don't follow the Talking Brains (TB) blog managed should. Greg Hickock and David Poeppel started it to discuss neuro issues. It started off really strong but went quiet for a while as Greg and David went after bigger game. Greg has been working on a boffo critique of the mirror neuron fad (which should be coming out in book form soon) and David has been living the high life in NYC (where I just had supper with him and together we solved all the problems in neuro-ling, but we are keeping the answers to ourselves so as not to contribute to the depressive job market in linguistics). At any rate, TB sprang to life again recently with an interesting guest review (by William Matchin) of Fitch's new book (one third of Chomsky, Hauser and Fitch) on the evolution of language (here). The book seems quite useful, though as much for what it does not address than for what it does. So take a look. It's interesting stuff.

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