Monday, April 22, 2013

A Nice Video

Christine notes the availability of a video of a recent Chomsky talk in Ireland (here). It's long, but pretty entertaining and informative.  He discusses issues concerning linear order and their place in FL around the 27 minute mark. He also gets asked to compare his notion of modularity with Jerry Fodor's (it comes at about the 1:08 mark) which is very interesting.  Chomsky and Fodor really don't agree on the right notion and Chomsky explains how he sees the issues here.  He also discusses (and criticizes) Fodor's referential/causal theory of content, but I can't give you the specific time reference.  At any rate, the video is fun to watch (the chair is clearly very amused at all the contrary positions that Chomsky takes). It is vintage stuff, and if you have a free 90 minutes, it's almost as good as Game of Thrones or Madmen.

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