Saturday, April 20, 2013

Mea Culpa: Update on some other SMT Relevant Papers

The material covered in detail in the posts on the SMT is not the only stuff that bears on the issues discussed. I mentioned, but did not discuss, the early work by Berwick and Weinberg. In addition, as David Pesetsky has pointed out to me, Martin Hackl has work analogous in many ways to that of PLHH that the interested can chase down (see here).

Furthermore, there is lots of interesting psycho work being done on matters other than islands. C-command is another hot topic and people like Sturt, Dillon, Kush, Lidz, Phillips (and many others that I don't know but papers by these people will lead you to) are finding that in many cases c-command is deployed online.  Just as interesting in many cases it seems that structure is ignored c.f. work by Vasishth, Lau and Wagers, Dillon and Xiang.  To be very clear: this is just stuff that has been thrown my way. So a warning: I am rather poorly read and what I discuss just happens to be what has crossed my path. It does not comprise what is worth reading. So apologies to those I have not mentioned, whose work I should know about.

Oh yes, one perfectly terrific way to rectify my ignorance and fruitfully add to the discussion is to mention stuff that you consider relevant in the comment sections.  And, please feel free to send me stuff that you think is fun and worth discussing, or even better, discuss it yourself and send it to me: I am looking for more guest posts.

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