Monday, April 8, 2013

More on MOOCs

Sorry for the earlier bad link. Thanks to Marc for mentioning it to me. I think it is now fixed.

Here is a link to a more elaborate discussion of MOOCs, for those interested in the issue and its possible consequences for linguistics teaching.  I tend to think that there are places where IT technology could really enhance education, but they are unlikely to be substitutes (in the best of worlds, complements) for face time where most of the inauguration into "thinking" will take place.  But, this is in the best of worlds, not the one that we are living in and the one that excites our academic "leaders." Most of our presidents, provosts, deans, etc are under pressure to control costs (or so I believe) and in this context the IT appeal is, I believe, pretty obvious.  At any rate, take a look at the Little post and the Bowen papers (if this topic interests you) for they (especially the latter) will undoubtedly prove to be influential in the coming debate (we should be so lucky as to actually have a debate).

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  1. The link does not seem to work (it leads to the homepage of a website on academic positions).